The Value of Community Preservation

Boston could join 161 cities and towns in Massachusetts in creating a Community Preservation Fund to support affordable housing, historic preservation, and open space initiatives in Boston.

How much will I pay?

To see how your tax bill may be affected if the Community Preservation Act referendum passes, use the search tool below to show an estimate of how much the surcharge may have been in fiscal year 2016.

Where do funds come from?

Revenue for Community Preservation Fund projects in Boston would be raised through a local real estate tax surcharge of 1% and is estimated to be $16.5 million annually.

Implementing the surcharge will also provide access to millions more in matching community preservation funding from the State.

How will I be charged?

This surcharge is applied to a revised net tax you owe on the property, not the assessed value of your property.

To calculate the 1% surcharge, a $100,000 value exemption would first be deducted from the assessed value of all properties. Standard tax rates would be then applied to this new value.